Refer your patients to Twoth Dental Specialists

At Twoth, we have established a high quality clinic focused on prioritising the needs, desires, and concerns of your patients. We are committed to delivering the best possible treatment, while always keeping you thoroughly updated on the progress and results of each case.

Working WIth You

Our team of experienced Specialists have a long-standing history of managing patients referred to them.

We skillfully manage these relationships, assuring you that your patient will receive the exact treatment you have referred them for. Upon completion of this, your patient will be promptly directed back to your care. To refer a patient to us or any of our dedicated clinicians, fill in and submit the referral form. Please make sure to provide all the necessary clinical details about the patient’s condition and remember to attach any relevant x-rays or photos.

After we’ve assessed the information you’ve provided, we will reach out to your patient to present our team and schedule their visit. We pledge to keep you informed throughout this process, updating you on the status of your referral. Once we have successfully addressed the specific concern(s) you referred your patient for and ensured their full satisfaction, we will make sure to return them to your capable care.

At Twoth, we accept referrals for:

Patient details

Referral details

Reasons for the referral