Welcome to Twoth Dental + Facial Aesthetics in
St John's Wood. We are a family focused clinic offering patients the full range of treatments with a world class clinical team with over 100 years of combined experience.

Two treatment Types


Cosmetic Dentistry

With modern dental technologies, there have never been more treatment solutions available to help you achieve your very best smile...

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Invisalign® can help to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns and studies have shown it can be better for your dental hygiene during treatment as well...

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When a front tooth is chipped, dental veneers are often used to disguise the damage. This is a quick and easy option to restore your smile...

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Dental Hygiene

Our experienced dental hygienist  will also show you how to maintain a healthy mouth between appointments...

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Children's Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can be provided at any age, even though most people think of pre-teens and teens when they think of orthodontics...

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Facial Aesthetics

DErmal Fillers

When injected with a very fine needle into the crease line, the gel creates volume under the wrinkles, lifting up and smoothing out lines...

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Anti-wrinkle Treatments

A convenient alternative to surgery, it is possible to use injections with the toxin to reduce and relax frown lines, forehead lines and laughter lines around the eyes...

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Profhilo goes a stage further by stimulating the natural tissues to encourage production of new collagen long after the original product has been degraded by the body...

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Lypofirm Pro Fat Reduction

Lipofirm is for fat reduction, body sculpting, and skin tightening. Expect benefits such as: Immediate visible results with long-term effects...

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Obagi Skin care

Skin care products designed to address the early signs of skin aging in order to maintain healthy, more youthful- looking skin...

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Facial Aesthetics

From the moment you contact us, you'll be talking to people who understand your concerns and who will make your dental care  as easy-going and stress-free as possible...

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We are committed to providing the highest quality patient care and are incredibly fortunate to have a team of passionate and dedicated staff. Come and meet our experienced Twoth team and find out how we can help to care for and improve your smile.

Patient Reviews


Meet the TEam


Dr Neil Counihan

BDS (Kings College University of London), Cert Orth (New York University), Msc . Stem cells . Distinction (Kings  College University of London)

Specialist Orthodontist & Clinical Director

GDC Number: 63959

Mr Alaa Al Daadaa

BChd (Hons) MClinDent OS (UCL Eastman) MOralSurg (RCSEng) Cer.Imp.Dent (Warwick) PhD (UCL Eastman)

Specialist Oral Surgeon & Dental Implantologist

GDC Number: 275892GDC Number: ######

Dr Tara francis

BDS King's College London 2014

Aesthetics Director

GDC Number: 251549

Dr Mohsin Ghor

BDS Queen Mary University of London 2014

Aesthetics Practitioner 

GDC Number: 252351


Bhavnita Patel

Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 2009National Certificate NEBDN 1996

Orthodontic Therapist

GDC Number: 136639

Dr Salma Daou

BDS University of Dundee 2014

General & Cosmetic Dentist

GDC Number: 250845

Dr Surina Sehgal

BDS King's College London 2016

General & Cosmetic Dentist

GDC Number: 265147

Dr Kinneri Sanghvi

BDS (Kings College London, 2015), BSc Medical Genetics

General/Cosmetic Dentist & Medical Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

GDC Number: 259020


Carlos Neto

Hygienist & Therapist

GDC Number: 292486

Emma Willison

Treatment Co-ordinator

GDC Number: ######


Facial Aesthetics

As we get older, our skin starts to show signs of ageing. It’s an inevitable part of life and can lead to us feel less confident. Wrinkles develop as skin cells divide more slowly, and the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, begins to thin. The dermis is composed of a network of elastin and collagen fibres, which offer support and elasticity and over time this causes the depressions in the skin...

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Looking for a private emergency dentist? Twoth Dental is a family focused private dental Practice offering an emergency dental service to patients in St John's Wood and the surrounding areas. If you have any form of dental emergency, please contact us, we'll be pleased to help. We also offer a full range of Private dental treatments...

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Family Dentist

At Twoth we look forward to welcoming new private patients. We have services available for families, children and individuals in St John's Wood and the surrounding area. Our routine dentistry provides the highest standard of dental and preventative treatment for the whole family.

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Dental Hygiene

At Twoth we offer a range of dental hygiene services that will help keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy. Our experienced dental hygienist  will also show you how to maintain a healthy mouth between appointments.

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We see many patients from across St John's Wood and the surrounding ares who are fearful of the Dentist.

You have your own unique story that led you to our practice, and our friendly team are here to help. We spend the time to get to know you and to build mutual trust...

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Children's Orthodontics

There are many different types of orthodontic treatment - braces today come in many different shapes, materials and sizes. In general, no brace is predictably quicker. Each has advantages and disadvantages to consider. The best treatment for you depends on your desired outcome and the orthodontic challenges you may have. It is also common to have choices over WHAT we can treat as well as HOW.

To get a professional opinion from a specialist Orthodontist, you can book a FREE initial smile assessment where we will discuss a personalised treatment plan and explain more about how we can help.

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