Dr Tara Francis

Dec 5 2023 . 7 min

Aquagold Finetouch

The Elegance of Gold-Plated Micro-Injections for Tailored Skin Rejuvenation

Aquagold ® finetouch ™ is a patented gold-plated micro-injection system that painlessly delivers a bespoke cocktail of ingredients that we’ve chosen and tailored especially to reach your skin goals. This single use applicator contains a reservoir that can be filled with vitamins, enzymes, hormones plant extracts, micro quantities of ‘botox’ and fillers, growth factors for cellular renewal and PRP,  pigment reducers, mesotherapy or stem cells, whatever your skin needs! It is then applied gently to the surface of the skin, with the entire treatment taking less than 45 minutes!

Aquagold Fine Touch can deliver many injections at once in a very efficient and painless manner with 20 24k gold plated needles each finer than a human hair. Unlike micro-needling, ingredients are delivered directly into the dermis via screw thread needle technology, making it a very effective delivery system.

Aquagold ® finetouch ™ can treat larger areas of the skin with ‘microbotox’ or fillers which have been diluted with products such as hyaluronic acid to achieve whole-face rejuvenation. Using ‘Botox’ with the Aquagold ® finetouch ™ system has many advantages and can be used on all skin types. It can decrease oil production, improve acne and enlarged pores, it can improve ageing skin with fine lines and wrinkles, it can treat close to the eye area successfully and comfortably, and it can cover large treatment areas for an overall skin tightening, rejuvenation and plumping.

Aquagold ® finetouch ™ can be used to treat areas such as the face, around the eyes, around the mouth, neck, chest and back of the hands. There is no dragging or micro tears made to the skin, this reduces the chance of bleeding and excess redness after the procedure.

Why is Aquagold ® finetouch ™ so good?

Your skin is a super tough barrier whose job is to keep things out. Other needling techniques such as derma-rollers create micro-holes to which you then apply your serums, but because your skin is so efficient these holes can sometimes already have begun to heal before you can add your topical creams. Aquagold ® finetouch ™ however, delivers the ingredients into the skin as the micro-holes are created and before the skin begins to close and heal.

Aquagold ® finetouch ™ can:

  • Smooth skin texture / tone with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel
  • Shrink enlarged pores with micro-Botox
  • Reduce sebum production in oily skin and T zones
  • Improve superficial acne scarring
  • Enhance laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors and vitamins
  • Brighten and whiten skin with micro-pigment reducers
  • Offer a painless procedure with minimal short-term redness

As well as the above, Aquagold ® finetouch ™ targets dryness, tone, texture, boost hydration and luminosity for a glow that lasts up to 4 weeksIdeal as a pre-event skin prep for brides-to-be, parties or red carpet events, making it a celebrity favourite:


In conclusion, Aquagold® Finetouch™ emerges as a symbol of elegance and precision in the realm of skincare. Beyond the allure of gold-plated aesthetics, this micro-injection system offers a personalized and efficient approach to skincare, delivering a tailored blend of ingredients directly into the dermis. In less than 45 minutes, Aquagold® Finetouch™ transforms skincare into an artful indulgence, promising radiant results that reflect the beauty of personalized attention. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a journey into the refined elegance of bespoke skincare.

Dr Tara Francis

Dec 5 2023 . 7 min