Children’s fixed braces can be for children of any age. However, they are most commonly used on children aged 12-13. This is because by this time, their adult teeth have appeared, but the jaw is still soft enough for effective treatment.

Please don’t think that fixed braces are only suitable for children, as we have fitted braces to adults of all ages, who want to straighten their teeth and improve their smile. One of our experienced orthodontists can advise you on suitable options, regardless of age.

There is no pain when children’s fixed braces are installed, although it can be a strange sensation. However, there could be some soreness after the braces are fitted, and also after they are adjusted.

Our team will be able to give you tips on how to minimise the soreness. If pain is experienced, an orthodontist will be able to check the fixed braces and make any adjustments required.

For most the side effects of braces are minimal. However, there could be some mild discomfort or irritation, as well as slight jaw pain, especially after braces have just been fitted. Other issues, such as decalcification and tooth decay, can be mostly avoided by practicing good dental hygiene.

Some children with braces also experience slight difficulty eating, especially after their braces have been tightened. This is nearly always a temporary issue which resolves itself over the course of a few days.

Not necessarily. Those looking for a more discreet fix to their issues might opt for Invisalign over traditional braces, but Invisalign can only help with less serious cases of misalignment. For more severe cases, fixed braces are usually the best choice.

Our team members will be able to guide you through the different options available, to help you and your child make the most appropriate decision.

There is a common belief that braces weaken teeth, but it’s an incorrect one. While braces cause teeth to move around in the mouth, this doesn’t cause them to weaken in any way. Nor do they cause loose teeth or cause teeth to fall out.

However, it is very important to take care of your teeth while wearing fixed braces. Failure to do this can cause damage to teeth. Your orthodontist or hygienist can talk with you about how to look after your teeth while wearing fixed braces.

The length of time a child is required to wear braces really depends on the severity of their issues and their teeth’s responsiveness to the braces. We will advise you of the length of time we think braces will be necessary, but this could change during the treatment.

Colour is always a tough decision. Some want bright braces to make them stand out from the crowd, while others want something a little subtler. We offer everything from bright orange braces to clear braces. The best colour for braces is really the colour your child is most comfortable with.

It is important to avoid both sticky and crunchy food when wearing fixed braces, as they can easily damage the braces. You should also avoid eating too much hard food, plus sugary fizzy drinks should also be avoided – regardless of whether you’re wearing braces or not. Also, avoid chewing gum while wearing children’s fixed braces.